Microprocessor 8086 Lab programs

This manual contains all 8086 lab programs and viva questions (at the last)

Microprocessor 8086 lab manual

About Ganesh K Davangere

Completed B.E in Electronics and Communication from G.M Institute of Technology, Davanagere, India in 2007. Obtained M.Tech in B.V.Bhoomaraddy College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli, India, in 2010. Presently, Ph.D Scholar in Visvesvaraya Technological University. Working as Assistant Professor in Department of Electronics and Communication, Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Davanagere from 2014 onwards. Worked as Assistant Professor in Department of Electronics in K.L.E Institute of Technology from 2010 to 2014. Academic Interests: Embedded system, Image and Video Processing, Robotics Social Interests: Working towards sustainable development through NGO e-Aavishkaar Foundation's educational initiative Project Aavishkaar. Conducting basic electronics and robotics workshops in rural India to motivate the students to take up the career in science and technology, particularly, electronics, to innovate and transform the society. Literary activities: Published poem collection in colleged days in 2006. Active in social media for promoting science and Technology and to create awareness about social issues.

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  1. hello sir…
    You have done a wonderful job…i have no word to describe my happiness…thank you for giiving such a gud 8086 manual…god bless you…[:)]

  2. really good…


  4. Thank u so much:):):)…. it has helped us a lot…

  5. i am not able to get the manual :( can anybody please help?

  6. excellent……thank u sooo much

  7. please help me in code conversion programs of 8086uP lab programs and also about TASM software

  8. sample codes for ASCII to BCD, BCD to Binary, Binary to decimal

  9. i got some other programs but that are lengthy and difficult to understand,this programs are short and easy to understand.thanks for you

  10. please tell me me how to write and learn microprocessor programming…??

  11. Please sir help me to get a Microprocessor Lab Manual along with programs/solution of VTU 4th Sem new scheme.

  12. Prof. Girish Kumar N G

    @neha sagar: to learn microprocessor programming you need to learn instruction set, architecture, interrupts related issues first…..then you the algorithm of the problem should be defined……..then based on that algorithm you can use above knowledge to write the program.

  13. thank you :)

  14. really an simple approach to understand 8086…..

  15. all the programs are not included as per vtu syllabus.. but viva questions are very helpful…

  16. its a nice manual to learn how to Write Progammes in 8086 micro processor.

  17. Thanks a lottttttttttt….

  18. but in 7 segment delay is very less and how can we display continuously sir.

  19. thanks a lot for this manual sir…this would help me immensely in my exams though I am not part of VTU…please continue the good work…:) All the best…

  20. how to do 16-bit by 8-bit division for signed and unsigned number


  22. please include programs involving array-searching for an element,sorting of array etc

  23. i need a program to interchange 10 data words between extra and stack

  24. great work sir,also plz attach flowchart,algorithm

  25. realy good programs great work sir thanks……………

  26. it is really helpful

  27. it’ really awesome!!!!!!!!!
    thank you sir

  28. its very nice

  29. Nagaraj J
    Great job…thanks a lot

  30. Thanks good work. I am really glad to you for providing such precious information. Keep up doing like this we always will follow you and will impose to follow you. Great and good work

  31. thanx that was amazing…good job

  32. Thank u so much sir………..

  33. itz so helpful…..thnq

  34. It helped me a lot.pls show the how to verify the ans then it will be really helpful…thank you..

  35. nagabhushan.naik

    Wonderfull job sr! tnq so much

  36. thank u so much sir……….its really good .it would have been even more gud if u had given some diagrammatic xplanations for before and after execution lyk u hav givn for block move ……..it will be easier for starters lyk me to understand even more clearly


    how to download this 8086 lab manual ……… ?????????????
    i want this ….. can anybody send the softcopy of the microprocessors to my email id- karthik.saakre@gmail.com

  38. Plz mail all lab manual and viva questions

  39. Its urget plz send it fast

  40. Thanks you sir

  41. Plz forward that 8086 lab manuals of vtu students… As we had lab exam on two days plz ……..

  42. thank you so much sir. It is very much helpful for studying 8086 microprocessor beginners sir!!!

  43. plz give me manual

  44. sir i duno hw to draw d exact flow chart fr t.. plz can u send me d labmanual its urgent sir…

  45. Thank u sir. where I can get microprocessor simple programs with theory explanation?

  46. Thanks Mr. Ganesh, it is a commendable work.

  47. thank you so much Sir for such a nyc lab manual of microprocessor..

  48. i need a flow chart of this microprocessor manual

  49. good job guys.keeeep going

  50. Dear Sir,Is there any software where we execute the program for practice like in C++ there is compiler but without 8088 trainer is there any software ?

  51. thank u for ths manual but i want flow chart and algorithm for microprocessor lab programs

  52. Dear Sir,
    I have one question for you.
    I add two numbers i.e. 10h+90h=A0h
    The result of two added numbers is positive A0 only. But this result is making signed flag to 1. i.e SF=1. Please explain me this. How the result is showing negative despite of adding two positive numbers.

  53. Please send soon

  54. thnq very much sir…..

  55. Sir plz mail me 4th sem microprocessor pgms which i can study and grasp it easily ..

  56. i need explanation for keypad interfacing program

  57. Sir send me flow chart for to check gven no is 2 out of5 codes

  58. Good thing to see!thank u

  59. Rahul pattanashetti

    Vry Gud Mrng sir….
    sir i am unable to see the programs here so can u plz send 8086 manual to this mail Id

  60. Rahul pattanashetti

    Vry Gud Mrng sir….
    sir i am unable to see the programs here so can u plz send 8086 manual to this mail Id

  61. Useful sir need more

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