Microprocessor 8086 Lab programs

This manual contains all 8086 lab programs and viva questions (at the last)

Microprocessor 8086 lab manual


84 thoughts on “Microprocessor 8086 Lab programs

  1. shahana

    hello sir…
    You have done a wonderful job…i have no word to describe my happiness…thank you for giiving such a gud 8086 manual…god bless you…[:)]

  2. muhammad p.t

    i got some other programs but that are lengthy and difficult to understand,this programs are short and easy to understand.thanks for you

  3. Prof. Girish Kumar N G

    @neha sagar: to learn microprocessor programming you need to learn instruction set, architecture, interrupts related issues first…..then you the algorithm of the problem should be defined……..then based on that algorithm you can use above knowledge to write the program.

  4. Santhosh

    thanks a lot for this manual sir…this would help me immensely in my exams though I am not part of VTU…please continue the good work…:) All the best…

  5. chetan

    Thanks good work. I am really glad to you for providing such precious information. Keep up doing like this we always will follow you and will impose to follow you. Great and good work

  6. smitha

    thank u so much sir……….its really good .it would have been even more gud if u had given some diagrammatic xplanations for before and after execution lyk u hav givn for block move ……..it will be easier for starters lyk me to understand even more clearly

  7. Chaitanya

    Plz forward that 8086 lab manuals of vtu students… As we had lab exam on two days plz ……..

  8. fakhruddin

    Dear Sir,Is there any software where we execute the program for practice like in C++ there is compiler but without 8088 trainer is there any software ?


    Dear Sir,
    I have one question for you.
    I add two numbers i.e. 10h+90h=A0h
    The result of two added numbers is positive A0 only. But this result is making signed flag to 1. i.e SF=1. Please explain me this. How the result is showing negative despite of adding two positive numbers.

  10. Rahul pattanashetti

    Vry Gud Mrng sir….
    sir i am unable to see the programs here so can u plz send 8086 manual to this mail Id

    1. sanjay

      hello sir very thanks Microprocessor 8086 lab manual is very helpfull

      sir i want more metrial like c ,c++ and sad programming and java

  11. chandrasekhar

    it would be even better of computer screen outputs are available in the manual!! just a suggestion! thank u sir!!👍


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